Lincoln Durham’s Southern Gothic Psycho Blues Revival Punk Road Show

by 4 weeks ago

Few rockers out there today can lay claim to being a Texas state fiddle champions (at age 11), play “southern gothic psycho blues revival punk” style music and are one of only a few people to design the Chester Cheetah character of Cheetos fame.

But alas, such is the case with my next guest during Episode 3 of the Load Out Music Podcast –  Lincoln Durham.

Durham, who lives in the Austin-area during pandemic lockdowns and when not touring, plays an exceptionally aggressive brand of southern-infused punk rock. But what makes his performances legendary is that he performs as a one-man-band at clubs across the U.S. and Europe. It’s a remarkable sight to witness him rhythmically clubbing his drum kit, grinding guitar licks and howling into a variety of microphones – all in perfect harmony.

In our conversation, Durham opens up about his development as a musician, growing up between Texas and New Jersey after his parents’ divorce, how and why mental illness populates some of his lyrical musings, his time spent as a graphic designer and more.

So dig in for Lincoln Durham – hope you enjoy the ride.