Planning To Travel This Year? You Should See This Ranking Of The Best Airlines For Wi-Fi In 2018

by 5 months ago
List Ranking Best Airlines Wi-Fi


As anyone who does even a modicum of flying knows, having a solid Wi-Fi connection while stuck on an airplane can make the trip significantly more enjoyable and/or productive. (So is being able to bring your own alcohol on the plane – legally – but that’s a whole other story.)

So, in addition to your choice of seat, being able to get your luggage quickly at baggae claim, and NOT being one of the first people to board the plane, Wi-Fi is just one of the many important ways you can make your trip more pleasurable (or at least tolerable).


But knowing which airline has the best Wi-Fi service is not really common knowledge. Thankfully, flight shopping platform Routehappy recently published its annual airline Wi-Fi ratings!

Here’s what they discovered…

• 82 airlines worldwide now offer in-flight Wi-Fi.

• 12 additional airlines now offer in-flight Wi-Fi, representing a 17% increase from the 2017 report.


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