This Dude’s Story About A Lonely Gravestone In England Is A Roller Coaster Ride Of WTF And I Love It

old tombstone blank graveyard

iStockphoto / vyasphoto

I haven’t made a habit of hanging out in graveyards throughout my life. It’s just not something that was ever in the cards for me.

When I was scrolling through Twitter yesterday afternoon I came across this tweet that started with ‘My dad died’ and my first thought was ‘that’s a dark way to start a Twitter thread’ and kept scrolling. Then I saw this tweet again with someone sharing it as like ‘holy shit, this thread!’ My interest was piqued but I kept scrolling. Then I saw it a THIRD time and realized that there was a genuine Twitter phenomenon taking place.

So I click through to the thread and this user, @sixthformpoet, says straight up in the first tweet that the thread gets A LOT FUNNIER. And I guess it does depending upon your sense of humor. This is pretty dark but holy shit is it a roller coaster of emotion.

There’s definitely humor to be found, and this story has a completely unexpected ending. This isn’t as long of a thread as some of those crazy stories you see on Twitter, only 10 tweets. Get ready:

I mean, come on, nobody saw that ending coming. I did suspect that there was something very dark and ominous about the grave that gets ignored but I definitely did not see this story culminating with the dude meeting his wife because he was laying flowers on a murderer’s gravestone.

Is this story real? I choose to believe so but you never know because it’s Twitter and people can always make shit up. The story seems legit though, and 99% of people on Twitter are choosing to believe it. Now, I wouldn’t be shocked if this gets turned into a movie in the near future. It has all of the makings of an awkward romantic comedy.