Louisville President Says ‘I Love University Of Kentucky’ During Graduation, Sparks Conspiracy And Anger

University of Louisville

  • Louisville’s interim president managed to upset her entire school and its alumni during graduation on Friday.
  • She, a Kentucky graduate, called the school by the wrong name and instead referred to UL as its biggest rival.
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The University of Louisville held its fall semester graduation ceremony on Friday and the school’s interim president made a major blunder. Lori Gonzalez, who graduated from the University of Kentucky, called her current school by the wrong name.

As a result of the mistake, UL alumni and students are up in arms. They believe that there is a larger takeover within the administration of their alma mater by Kentucky graduates and Gonzalez’s slip-up is just the latest example.

“I’d be remiss if I didn’t thanks Neeli Bendapudi (Louisville’s former president) for her incredible leadership and passion to advance U of L into the thriving community we are today,” Gonzalez said. “I want to personally thank her for bringing me home to Kentucky and bringing me to this campus. I love the University of Kentucky and I plan to continue the tremendous progress and trajectory that we are on.”

Take a listen:

Immediately after calling the school by the wrong name, the crowd began to stir and boo. Gonzalez looked around as if she had no idea what had happened.

Once somebody clued her in, Gonzalez took a moment to compose herself before coming back with a resounding “GO CARDS!”

You can find her recovery attempt at the 59:05 mark below:

Despite the effort to save face, Gonzalez set the in-state rivalry ablaze. Kentucky fans were quick to jump on their “little brother.”

One Kentucky fan even referred to the situation as “Operation Inside Job.”

The reference goes much deeper than Gonzalez’s graduation mistake. There has been a recent conspiracy amongst Louisville fans and alumni that Kentucky graduates and former staffers are invading their administration and athletic department just to sabotage it all.

Naturally, the Cardinals faithful had a field day. Some had jokes, others were very upset. Most of them were upset.

College rivalries are the best.