A New Patrick Mahomes-Owned Whataburger In Kansas City Created Insane Traffic Jams And Reactions From Locals

Patrick Mahomes opens Whataburger in Kansas City

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  • A new Whataburger opening up in the Lee’s Summit area of Kansas City quickly became the most exciting thing ever to happen in Kansas City
  • Patrick Mahomes is part of a group opening 30 Whataburger locations in Kansas City and bringing the Texas chain to Kansas
  • Locals went nuts for the fast foot opening and created some gargantuan traffic jams
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Listen up Kansas City residents, I get it. I love Whataburger with every fiber of my being. I lived in Texas for a year and then in Tallahassee for four years and in both places you’re never far from a Whataburger. It was a staple of my diet. I miss their burgers so much I once planned a longer layover at the Dallas airport just so I’d have time for Whataburger.

But waiting in these lines on opening day? That’s insanity.

Even if Kansas City Chiefs starting quarterback Patrick Mahomes is part of an ownership group opening up THIRTY Whataburger locations to the area and this means supporting your QB. It’s still insanity to wait in those lines. Go there in the middle of the night!

The new Whataburger is opening in the Lee’s Summit part of Kansas City and footage of the lines on social media are astounding. Many people can’t fathom waiting in a line like that for Whataburger. Here we have some footage of the traffic, tweets from Whataburger, and reactions to the whole circus.

The reactions to that traffic and the Whataburger opening in Kansas City are pretty good.

They are so so SO MUCH MORE than ‘cheap hamburgers’. They are phenomenal.

There are few things I hate as much as waiting in line. It’s awful. Even when I’m in my car and can fire up a podcast. Waiting in any line longer than 10 minutes is my idea of personal hell. Waiting in line for hours for Whataburger would cause me to lose my actual mind. But shouts to anyone out there with enough patience for that line.

I’ll leave you with this glorious 80s Whataburger commercial:

I’m craving Whataburger so hard right now.