Man Empties Family Bank Account, Throws $200K From Car Onto Highway To ‘Bless Others’

money falling oregon 200k highway car


Travelers on Interstate 5 near mile marker 192 in Eugene, Oregon were stunned Tuesday night to see a whole lot of money drifting around on the highway.

According to Oregon State Police (OSP), a 38-year-old man tossed handfuls of $100 bills totaling approximately $200,000 out of his car window and onto the highway.

The man who made it rain on the highway was found by police nearby.

When they asked him what was going on, he replied that he was “doing well and wanted to bless others with gifts of money.”

He was not charged with any crime, but police did warn him against littering and creating potential hazards for other drivers on the road as people had stopped to pick up the money.

“OSP is urging the public not (to) go searching for money on the highway – which is very dangerous and contributes to a hazardous condition,” state police spokesperson Captain Kyle Kennedy wrote in an email to

Police immediately searched the area around the highway for any money that had not been picked up by passersby to “prevent further hazards,” but claimed to not find any.

A daytime search was conducted the next day as well with no money being found.

“The people that originally stopped on the scene did a pretty good job of cleaning it all up,” OSP Lieutenant Jim Andrews told 11 Alive.

“He could have been charged in a situation like this for danger being created because of his actions—disorderly conduct, potentially reckless endangering, but most likely disorderly conduct.”

According to UPI, “The money is believed to have come from McCarthy’s family’s shared bank account.”

The man’s family later confirmed this, saying he had emptied their shared bank accounts. They are asking for the people who grabbed any of the cash from the highway to please return it to Oregon State Police.

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