Man Mixes Up Obama And Osama Bin Laden On TV, Hilariously Goes Viral, Then Explains Himself

You might’ve seen the name Evan Kaufman in the news over the past 24 hours. Some headlines and tweets poked fun at him for being racist on TV’s $100,000 Pyramid where he appeared opposite SNL alum Tim Meadows.

What happened is this, Evan Kaufman confused Barack Obama’s name with Osama Bin Laden and this clip was distilled down to like 5-seconds that has gone viral with millions of views across social media in the past 24 hours.

Here’s the clip if you haven’t seen it yet:

You NEVER go full Randy Marsh. You know the instance I’m referring to, the one when Randy was on Wheel of Fortune and said the N-word. This guy went full-on Randy Marsh.

The irony here is that in South Park, Randy Marsh is also the world’s biggest Barack Obama fan. He’s the dad who was blacking out on the Obama election night. Just like Evan Kaufman, Randy Marsh would’ve voted for Obama 3 times. It’s also full Jenna Maroney like the time on 30 Rock she said she’s voting for Osama:

He confused the names of America’s first black President with the worst terrorist in U.S. history. As you can imagine, people weren’t happy about this. They see inherent racism in his response.

Instead of waiting for the maelstrom to build, Evan Kaufman took to Twitter to explain himself and shed some light on how this happened. In a 13-tweet explanation, he details how he’s an exhausted new father and how the producers of the show got up in his head before filming.

Here’s Evan’s explanation of what happened in the wake of his going viral:

Randy Marsh:

What do you think, does his explanation suffice? I think so. Did he even need to explain himself in the first place? Eh, probably. Unless he wanted this to follow him around from now until the end of time.

He could’ve just gone on living his life and people would’ve eventually started to harass him, I’m sure. So it seems smart to get out in front of the viral clip.

Truth be told, this will all blow over for him in the next week. It was an honest mistake. Hopefully, enough people see his explanation to realize that the man was all up in his own head due to a lack of sleep and the show’s producers confusing him.