Dude From England Accidentally Flies 17,000 Miles To Vegas And Back Because Of Ticket Mix-Up

man flying from germany to england ends up vegas


Airlines, can you please suck less? That’s all we ask. Hardly a week goes by in which we don’t hear some sort of traveling horror story thanks to an airline screwing something up. And talk about your airline screw-ups, this man trying to fly from Cologne, Germany back home to England somehow ended up in Las Vegas, 8,500 miles away from his planned destination.

It’s not like the airline didn’t have a chance to make sure this colossal error didn’t happen either. In fact, the airline had THREE chances to make sure it didn’t happen.

Reports Metro

Finance Broker Samuel Jankowsky, 29, said that his boarding pass was checked three times by airline staff after he left Germany for Stansted.

He fell asleep for an hour and realised he was going the wrong way when he saw that the plane had gone over the UK on his in-flight tracker.

He frantically Whatsapped his pregnant wife using the on-board wifi before he landed 8,500 miles away in Las Vegas on June 30.

But he claims when he landed he was treated as ‘a common criminal’ by US immigration officials who he said threatened to detain him for not having a visa.

He eventually flew back to Cologne – but claims he was banned by Eurowings so had to travel to Stuttgart airport for a flight home.

“I put on my headphones and went to sleep. When I woke up I saw that we had passed the UK,” he recalled. “I asked the person next to me what was going on and he said: ‘We’re flying to Vegas.’ I said: ‘Oh f***! Can we turn the plane around?'”

“I didn’t even know Eurowings flew to Las Vegas,” said a dumbfounded Jankowsky.

“They seemed to think I had sneaked onto the plane to get a flight to Vegas on the cheap. They even put me in a little cell and completely searched me. I was supervised the whole time I was there.”

Jankowsky also said that the crew on the flight back treated him like a criminal, “It was like I was in the film Con Air.”

All in all the airline snafu ended up costing him 878.66 Euro for food, a hotel and the flight home.

“Heaven forbid my intentions were not good. This is a major security failing.”

You think?

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