Man Gets Dumped Moments Before Realizing He Won $800,000 On A $10 Melbourne Cup Bet, Date Has Change Of Heart

Brett Holburt/Racing Photos via Getty Images

They say the best remedy for the post-breakup blues is to surround yourself with loved ones and lean into hobbies that you enjoy. I say that’s bullshit, and my new friend Kenny would agree with me.

The Australian man was on a date watching the Melbourne Cup, Australia’s most famous horserace, at Melbourne’s Crown Casino on Tuesday when made his $10 bet predicting the first four finishers of the race being Vow and Declare, Prince of Arran, II Paradiso, and Master of Reality.

Kenny didn’t put too much stock in the bet because, well, he was too busy getting rejected.

‘She pretty much told me, ”Listen, I don’t really feel it. You know, this isn’t going to go anywhere. I want to get the five o’clock train” and I said, ”Ah well, no worries, thanks for being honest”,’ he told SEN Breakfast.

‘I thought at least the day’s not over, I’ll open up the Sportsbet account, because there’s still a couple of races to go in the Majors.

‘I open up the account and suddenly started screaming. I’m seeing all these numbers mate and I’m like speechless, I’m gasping. I’m like, ”Oh my effing god, oh my god” and everyone at the restaurant is looking at me like, ”What’s wrong with this clown?”’

That ‘clown’ just pocketed $793,000 on a $10 bet.

Then, in a totally random change of heart, Kenny’s date decided to stay a bit longer after he had her validate that he really won.

Kenny bought drinks for his date for the rest of the night before the two decided to go their separate ways, the Daily Mail reports. Kenny says, “she’s been deleted now.”

Kenny says he plans to spend his winnings to buy a house on Australia’s Gold Coast.

No word on whether or not the money will help his dick game or not.


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