Man Wins Big On A Scratch Ticket Right After Learning He Has Terminal Cancer


Nothing chaps my ass like an undeserving lottery winner. Like this unemployed New Jersey man who had been mooching off his ex-wife for years and even forgot his ticket at the counter before a Good Samaritan returned it to him. The dude ended up winning $273 million.

Rarely, we see a heartwarming lottery winner story.

But I got one on the hook! Well, it’s as heartwarming as it is really sad.

A North Carolina man recently hit for $250,000 on a lottery ticket after finding out he has stage 4 liver cancer.

Richard Beare, of Charlotte, said he “rarely” plays the lottery and only stopped because his wife asked him to get a Powerball ticket since the jackpot was so high. Beare picked up a few scratch-offs for himself and hit for a quarter million.

When he noticed the ticket had matching numbers, he asked his wife what that meant.

“She said it meant I won a prize. I told her, ‘Well, I guess we just won $250,000, then,’” Beare said. “She was in shock and just kept looking back and forth to me and the ticket.” [via New York Post]

After withholdings, Beare and his wife took home $176,876.

As for what he plans to do with the money, his response doesn’t make you want to strangle the winner, as it usually does for me.

“I want to travel while I can still enjoy myself,” he said. “My wife has always wanted to go to Italy, since that’s where her descendants are from. Now I can take her.”

Stage 4 liver cancer doesn’t sound promising, but hopefully Beare can spend whatever time he has left living however the fuck he wants.


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