Against Ridiculous Odds, Man Turns $5 Poker Game Bet Into $1 Million

It’s a Christmas miracle! Except it was three days before Christmas, but whatever, close enough. On Saturday, a man plopped down a $5 bet in a poker game and beat the incredible odds to win $1 million.

A man who has only been identified as Harold M. from Lakewood, New Jersey, was playing three-card poker at the Borgata Hotel Casino in Atlantic City, NJ, on Saturday afternoon. Harold placed a $5 bet and hit big time. Our boy Harold nailed a preposterous royal straight flush of diamonds. Before the lucky draw, Harold was dealt a 10, a queen, and the ace of diamonds. The dealer’s hand was the nine, jack, and king of diamonds.

Experts at Wizard Of Odds say that the odds of “hitting the 6 card Bonus Royal Flush are 1 in 20,348,320.” This is such a special and unusual hand to be dealt that this is reportedly the first time this bet has been hit at Borgata.

Who shuffled this deck?

If you are friends or family of Harold you may definitely invite him to your Christmas party ASAP.