Man Wearing ‘Halloween’ Killer Michael Myers Mask Goes For Stroll On The Beach, Gets Arrested

Man Wearing Halloween Killer Michael Myers Mask Gets Arrested

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  • A Texas lawyer went for a stroll on the beach dressed up in a Michael Myers mask from the film Halloween as a prank.
  • Locals were not amused, nor were the police who cuffed him when they showed up and charged him with disorderly conduct.
  • More crime news here.

Police in Galveston, Texas recently received a 911 call that a man dressed head to toe as mass murderer Michael Myers from the Halloween series of films was walking on the beach just prior to Tropical Storm Nicholas.

The man, a lawyer named Mark Metzger, was cited for disorderly conduct after police received a 911 complaining that he carrying a bloody knife. The knife, of course, turned out to be fake.

Police spokesperson Stacy Papillion reported that when police encountered Metzger they stopped the man and placed him in handcuffs.

“I did it for the people, the tourists who are stuck down here,” Metzger said. “They honestly weren’t expecting a tropical storm to pop up, but they’re stuck here in their hotels… so [I] kinda thought, maybe they can get a laugh.”

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He wasn’t thrilled to have been arrested for just wearing a Michael Myers mask, but he says he understands why it happened.

“I think it was a ridiculous citation,” said Metzger. “But I think their hands were tied, and I understand they had a job to do. I’m respectful of that.”

Posting on social media after his arrest, Metzger noted that he ran into the lead singer of the band Slayer, writing, “Bringing positive vibes to this gloom and doom world out there, generating some laughter, helping people crack a smile, and restoring our faith in humanity through humor is 100% what I’m about. My methods might not work for everyone, but I guarantee I’ll please more than I’ll piss off. #byekaren.

“So if taking a silly walk down the beach during a storm in a costume, and subsequently being arrested for disorderly conduct accomplished any of that (was just released with a class c citation and still fuzzy on what exactly I did was illegal) – then I’d do it again all day every day. Plus…it’s not every day you get to meet and chat with SLAYER’S TOM ARAYA in the middle of a prank! #noregrets.”

By the way, the new Halloween Kills coincidentally (?) happens to coming to theaters one month from today on October 15th.

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