Map Of America Shows The Average Tax Refund In Each State And Everything Really Is Bigger In Texas

Map Of America Shows The Average Tax Refund In Each State


Tax Day 2019 is fast approaching. (It’s April 15th, millennials.) So, depending on your current financial situation that is either great news, or very bad news.

If you have to pay taxes this time of year you’re probably going to wait until the last minute to file. For those that anticipate getting a refund, however, submitting your tax return to the IRS is something you’re probably very much looking forward to doing (if you haven’t already).

And depending on which state you live in, some of you might be more excited to receive your tax refund than others.

For instance, last year, according to IRS data, the average federal tax refund per taxpayer was $2,895.

The top five states for tax refunds were: 1. Texas: $3,133, 2. Oklahoma: $3,088, 3. Louisiana: $3,073, 4. New York: $2,986, 5. Connecticut: $2,958.

While the bottom five states last year were: 50. Maine: $2,302, 49. Oregon: $2,342, 48. Vermont: $2,348, 47. Wisconsin: $2,367, 46. Montana: $2,367.

But that was yesterday’s news. Which state’s citizens are going to be getting the largest average tax refund in 2019?

Well, the folks over at cost information website, just like they did in 2018, have put together an informative map of America which shows exactly which states are the best when it comes to tax refunds and which are the worst.

First, some bad news. According to the IRS, refunds are 8% lower than last year. Also, the difference between the state with the highest average tax refund and the lowest is almost $1,000.

Now for the good news. If you live in the South Central United States or in the Northeast, your chances of getting a hefty refund are higher than most other states.

1. Texas $3,206
2. Louisiana $3,115
3. Connecticut $3,099
4. Oklahoma $3,098
5. New York $3,059

However, if you live in a state that is known for its scenic beauty, you probably won’t be getting as much back this year as many other states.

50. Maine $2,336
49. Vermont $2,392
48. Oregon $2,398
47. Montana $2,401
46. Wisconsin $2,436

Using data collected by Business Insider, here’s how the entire map shakes out…