Margot Robbie Offered Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars For Photos Of Her Feet

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Margot Robbie, who reportedly stands to earn around $50 million in salary and box office bonuses from the Barbie movie, can add to that windfall by accepting an offer that was recently made by the website Fun With Feet.

Fun With Feet, which claims to be the #1 platform to buy and sell feet pictures and videos, wants to get in on the recent internet obsession with Margot Robbie’s feet.

In case you weren’t aware, in the Barbie movie, Margot Robbie’s feet (pictured above) make multiple appearances due to the doll’s instantly recognizable, permanently arched dogs.

“Dear Margot, My name is Liz and I make thousands selling feet pics on Fun With Feet.

“I would love to collaborate with you on some Barbie-inspired content that’ll earn us both millions. Plus, Fun with Feet are offering to pay you £250K as a starting bonus. If I’m right, we’ll be able to capitalize on our likeness – and the world’s obsession with all-things Barbie – to no end, all thanks to our feet!”

That’s $318,328.75 American, right there, for nothing more than pics of her feet, which Robbie has already showed off in several films including Barbie, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Suicide Squad, and The Wolf of Wall Street.

The representative also, according to the Daily Mail, extended the offer to Robbie’s Barbie co-star Ryan Gosling.

No word yet on whether Robbie, who is actually very cool with all of her feet admirers, is going to accept the offer.

“I’ll tell you I the very first time I Googled myself, you know how when you type something into Google and it predicts what the rest of it’s going to be?” Robbie recently told CinemaBlend. “I was like you know I I started working and I was on some things and I hadn’t Googled myself before and so I wrote in Margot Robbie and before I finish writing Robbie, Margot Robbie feet came up.”

As for how she felt about her big realization that many on the internet are obsessed with her feet, Robbie said, “I have to say, I’m really flattered that people are excited about my feet. I think that’s lovely.”

To which Ryan Gosling raised a drink for a toast to Margot Robbie’s feet. As one should.

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