Marijuana Under A Microscope Looks Like A Trippy Alien Species From A Far Away Galaxy

marijuana leaves

Roberto Valdivia / Unsplash

Marijuana, Cannabis, Weed. It’s everywhere, man. Marijuana‘s legalized for recreational use in 9 states across America and in Washington D.C., it’s also legalized for medical use in 31 states and in D.C.

There was a time when California was the most forward-thinking state in America when it came to weed but Colorado leapfrogged them by becoming the first state to legalize recreational use and that triggered a chain reaction that’s brought us to where we are today, on the cusp of nationwide legalization over the next decade or so.

We know a ton about weed, hemp, THC, and CBD. We know about the potential health benefits, we know about how legalization leads to enormous tax revenue that gets recirculated into state’s budgets. Despite the White House’s renewed ‘war on weed‘, enormous corporations like Coca-Cola are reportedly jumping into the market alongside celebrities like Jimmy Buffett.

Now that cannabis is no longer as taboo as it once was we’re learning more about it each and every day. Professor Ted Kinsman is a researcher at the Rochester Institute of Technology and he’s also a science photographer.

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He recently released a book titled Cannabis: Marijuana under the Microscope where he’s published high-resolution microscopic photographs of different cannabis strains and it looks like something you’d expect to see on the planet Pandora in the movie Avatar. It’s a straight-up look inside an alien species.


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You can pick up Ted Kinsman’s book Cannabis: Marijuana under the Microscope by hitting that link. The paperback version is available on Amazon for around $14 at the moment.

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