Marvel Has Made A Ton Of Small Mistakes In Their Movies, But How Many Of These Have You Caught?


Over 10 years, Marvel has gotten a whole lot right with its movies, includig with their two 2018 blockbusters Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War. They have also made a ton of tiny, subtle mistakes, many of which are really pretty dumb. (There have also been eight rather significant problems with Marvel movies over the years that everyone pretends don’t exist, but that’s a whole other story.)

Now most of us didn’t even notice a majority of these little errors because, quite frankly, most of us didn’t really care enough to think that hard about the films. That doesn’t mean Marvel, who makes movies and shows all the time, should be excused though.

I mean, how did they not know that Doctor Strange shouldn’t be fiddling with his gown and mask AFTER he washes his hands before surgery? Way to infect your patient’s brain there, Stephen!

Other small Marvel movie mistakes uncovered by the folks over at Screen Rant include, just for starters…

Black Panther and his special silent shoes not being very silent.
• Which version of Earth were Ego and Star-Lord’s mom on in GOTG Vol. 2? Not to mention her magically transforming shoes.
• More magically appearing objects in Thor: Ragnarok.
• Vulture drinking beer in a bottle that hadn’t been produced yet in Homecoming.
• Thor being on the completely wrong London train in Dark World.
• Black Widow’s killer hair.
• And does anyone at Marvel know how the speed of sound really works?

Check out the rest of the Marvel movie mistakes (there are plenty) in the very entertaining video below.