Maskless ‘Karen’ Loses Her Mind At A Papa Murphy’s Over Being Denied Her Constitutional Right To Pizza

Maskless Karen At Papa Murphy's Wants Constitutional Right To Pizza

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Heads up, we’ve got another Karen sighting. This time the Karen was spotted out in the wild at a Papa Murphy’s restruant in Kennewick, Washington.

This particular Karen was, once again, of the maskless variety and lost her mind at a Papa Murphy’s when they refused her service, arguing she has a constitutional right to pizza under the Americans with Disability Act.

The Karens love to claim they have been given certain rights by the government when it comes to wearing a mask.

Posted on Facebook by Corinne J. Love, this over five-minute video shows our latest Karen arguing that because she is hard of hearing, she doesn’t have to wear a mask, because… ummm… hmmm… ah, here we go, because, according to her, “I have a right to speak my mind, and I have a right to see your lips.”

Still not sure how her not wearing a mask allows her to read other people’s lips, but she was on a roll, so we’ll let that slide.

Despite her rock solid arguments, the Papa Murphy’s employees still refused to serve her since she wasn’t wearing a mask, so then she turns her attention to the person filming the incident who, understandably, yells at her to “back the f**k away” from him.

As she continues to berate the poor employees, one of them, wearing an American flag mask ironically, finally has enough and goes off on Karen and tells her to go wait outside and they will bring her the pizza, which after further argument, she finally does, joining a man who flips the bird to the man doing the filming and spouts some nonsense about his “First Amendment” rights.

It’s quite a scene, man.

Love wrote in the caption to the video, “Yet another Karen incident in Kennewick Washington. My dad encountered these idiots today at Papa Murphy’s.

“Edit: any news, magazine, paper, or any other kind of media platform please feel free to share this video. No need to message for my permission. I want everyone to see this crazy lady.”

So far, just on Facebook alone, over 126,000 people have done exactly that.


When contacted about the situation, Kathleen Clary-Cooke of the Benton Franklin Health District, told the local NBC affiliate,

“One of the things that we’ve always included in our messaging about face coverings is always to practice compassion and kindness. And to understand that not everyone can wear a face covering for medical reasons.

“We would discourage individuals from confronting another person just as a member of the public. Not all medical conditions or disabilities are visible. So just make the assumption that that person cannot wear a face covering. And still practice your own good habits of staying at least six feet away and making sure anytime you leave any business you’re washing hands with hand sanitizer.

“With regards to the businesses, someone from the business should politely inquire as to whether a person has a medical condition or disability. They can’t ask about a specific condition or disability, they can’t ask for documentation. And then, they still don’t have to allow the person in their place of business, but they are encouraged to offer some kind of accommodation. So that would be something like curbside pickup, or delivery, or scheduling an appointment when they could be the only person in the store.

“It’s really about asking politely and for a business that can offer accommodations, to go ahead and do so.”

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