Matt Stonie Dominates The Popeyes 16-Piece Challenge, Over 8K Calories Of Fried Chicken And Sides

Matt Stonie is one of the premiere competitive eaters in the world right now. He’s currently the #2 ranked competitive eater in the world. In 2015, Matt Stonie beat Joey Chestnut and won the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. Matt holds multiple competitive eating world records including Peeps (he ate 255 Peeps in 5 minutes), Moon Pies, Pancakes, Carne Asada Tacos, Bacon, and a shit ton of others.

For what’s currently the #1 trending video on YouTube, Matt Stonie fired up the camera for the Popeyes 16-piece challenge. The challenge comes in at up to 8,745 calories depending on which sides you order, and for this challenge it’s 8,265 calories, 505 grams of fat, 557 grams of Carbs, and 385g protein. This family meal challenge consists of 16 pieces of deep fried Popeyes chicken, 3 large sides, and 8 buttery biscuits. It takes Matt over 25 minutes to put down the behemoth amount of fried chicken but in the end, he emerges victorious.

I think one of the things I enjoy the most about Matt Stonie’s competitive eating videos is how they differ from the timed competitions. By not placing time constraints on his YouTube challenges he’s able to push his body further than we’d ever seen in a professional eating competition. For instance, he recently ate 13 POUNDS of milk and cookies in under half an hour. He also devoured FOUR 4x4In-N-Out Burgers in under 3 minutes. The dude is a total beast when he sets his mind to an eating challenge, as you can see above.