You Need To Hear Matthew McConaughey Read ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ And Enjoy His Greatness

Matthew McConaughey

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  • Matthew McConaughey might have the best voice on the planet.
  • He recently did a virtual reading of a wild children’s book and it was everything you could ask for and more.
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There is nothing that surprises me when it comes to Matthew McConaughey anymore. Everything the man does is cool— even reading a children’s book.

Back in April, Texas First Lady Cecilia Abbott announced ‘Stars of Texas Storytime.’ The twice-a-week event has famous Texans read their favorite childhood literatures.

McConaughey and his wife, model and designer Camila Alves McConaughey, joined the virtual classroom earlier this spring. They enthralled everyone with a tale of a young boy named Max.

He, after dressing in his wolf costume, wreaks havoc throughout the house and is sent to bed. After leaving the table, Max finds that his bedroom underwent a mysterious transformation.

It had become a jungle environment.

Upon entering the room, Max winds up sailing to an island inhabited by frightening beasts and they become great friends.

If you haven’t caught on by now, Mr. and Mrs. McConaughey chose to read from ‘Where The Wild Things Are.’ Whether he or Abbott selected his book, it fits well for a man who was once arrested for playing the bongo drums while nude at 2:30am.

McConaughey is quite literally a Wild Thing. The Oscar-winner and his wife gave a fantastic reading of the fantastic book, with voices and roars and all.

The McConaugheys don’t yet have kids of their own, but if they ever choose to go that route, their children will have the best bedtime story reader of all-time. He can really do it all.