McDonald’s Employees Left Baffled By Customer’s Gargantuan $3,400 Order

McDonalds Employees Left baffled By Customer's incredible 3400 Order


  • A McDonald’s employee in Australia was left stunned when a customer ordered $3,400 worth of food.
  • The customer’s order included more than 100 drinks, 69 large fries, and 39 orders of 20-piece McNuggets.
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A McDonald’s employee in Australia was left “baffled” by one customer’s monstrous order which ended up totaling an eye-watering $3,400 and leaving their fellow workers at the fast food restaurant shocked, and a little bit confused.

The order, shared on a Facebook group page for McDonald’s employees, shows a photo of the monumental order which included an insane total of 304 burgers and 780 McNuggets.

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The details of the order revealed that the customer requested, according to 7 News, 70 Angus Clubhouse burgers, 39 McFamily Boxes – which included 234 additional burgers – 39 packs of 20 McNuggets and 69 large french fries, over 100 drinks (the employee didn’t know the exact number because there were so many that they wouldn’t fit on the screen), and … a small Vanilla Coke (no ice), two small fries, and a cheeseburger with no pickles. (There’s always one person in the group who has to order something different, isn’t there?)

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Fellow McDonald’s employees were flabbergasted by the customer’s ridiculous order.

“Is this even legal?” one of them asked.

“I’d quit on the spot if I saw that order,” commented another employee.

“Small wait on the Angus burgers, shouldn’t be too long. Just wait around the corner,” joked another.

Many, however, were just baffled by one particular item.

“The sheer audacity of that one cheeseburger,” said one McDonald’s employee.

By the way, in case you are wondering, $3,400 in Australian dollars is the equivalent to approximately $2,518 in American money.

As for who actually placed the massive McDonald’s order, we have come up with a couple of prime suspects…

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