New McDonald’s Serves Food From Around The World At One-Of-A-Kind Restaurant

Have you ever seen McDonald’s food from other countries and wished you could devour them? Desire a 100% wagyu beef burger from Australia? Wish you could have a McVegan burger from Finland? Dream of eating a bratwurst burger from Germany or an apricot sundae from Turkey? Your fantasies are becoming a reality because you can get some of the finest international fare from McDonald’s without leaving the United States.

McDonald’s opened up a new restaurant on the ground floor of the new corporate headquarters in Chicago. The one-of-a-kind Mickey D’s offers dishes from around the world such as cheese and bacon fries from Australia, McSpicy Chicken Sandwich from Hong Kong, salads from France, the Mighty Angus Burger From Canada, and a McFlurry from Brazil that has strawberry sauce and chocolate covered coconut pieces. The special 6,000-square-foot fast-food joint will offer a rotating menu that features items from outside the United States.

Chicagoans flocked to the new international food spot in droves when it opened on Wednesday, which caused several global cuisines to be sold out on the first day. “Excitement for our global menu items exceeded our expectations and we did temporarily sell out of some items yesterday,” said owner-operator Nick Karavites in a written statement. “All of the items are now available again today and we’re excited for guests to have the opportunity to get a taste of them.” The only question that remains is why don’t we have bacon and cheese fries in every McDonald’s?