Iowa Man Learns Why It’s A Bad Idea To Threaten To Bomb A McDonald’s For Forgetting To Include Sauce With Your Chicken Nuggets

McDonald's forgot nugget sauce bomb threat

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  • A man in Iowa phoned in a bomb threat to a McDonald’s restaurant that forgot to include sauce with his Chicken McNuggets
  • Robert Golwitzer Jr. was arrested for falsely reporting the presence of an explosive
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As someone who has food delivered with far more frequency than I care to admit, it takes a lot for me to complain when a restaurant neglects to include something in my order. Some people might refuse to accept their fate on sheer principle, but I usually just write off any missing items as a sin tax levied by a higher power smiting me for living a life defined by sloth.

With that said, there are certain occasions where a particular admission can essentially defeat the purpose of ordering a meal in the first place; if you’ve ever had sushi delivered and been greeted with a noticeable absence of soy sauce, I don’t have to tell you just how deflating it is.

I’m also very familiar with the disappointment that comes with ordering 40 Chicken McNuggets accompanied by a varied array of sauces and tearing apart the bag because you know there’s no way they only gave you two packets of BBQ. As a result, I can sympathize with a man in Iowa who recently got snubbed entirely—although I can’t say I endorse how he attempted to resolve the conflict.

According to WHO13, police in Ankeny, Iowa arrested Robert Golwitzer Jr. over the weekend after he received a grand total of zero sauces with his chicken nuggets before allegedly calling the McDonald’s location responsible for the grave injustice threatening to bomb the restaurant (and punch an employee for good measure).

Officials say Golwitzer admitted to the threats when he was picked up and charged with a “false report of an explosive or incendiary device,” and can now count himself among the many villains who’ve fought for an admirable cause in the worst way possible.

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