Incredibly Lucky Guy Got To Taste McDonald’s Rare Szechuan Sauce And Now He’s Reverse Engineered It

by 6 months ago

The hype surrounding McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce has been at a fever pitch since Rick & Morty made mention of the long-forgotten sauce in a Season 3 promo. The original McDonald’s Szechuan sauce hit the market back in 1998 when Disney’s Mulan was released, and apparently, it was a huge hit. I never tried the original McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce myself, but based on the fanfare surrounding the sauce I’m guessing it was the literal nectar of the gods because a bottle of it sold for $14,000 on eBay.

David Wasman is a fan of Rick & Morty, YouTube’s Binging with Babish, and the McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce. He was lucky enough to score a sample of the actual sauce released by McDonald’s, and he shipped a sample of it to Chef Andrew Rea, the man behind Binging with Babish.

Chef Andrew Rea had previously attempted to recreate the sauce while flying blind. Now that he’s tasted the actual sauce McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce, Chef Andrew Rea is back on Binging With Babish to recreate the sauce for fans everywhere.

If none of this makes any sense to you, here’s the Rick & Morty clip that started all of this madness:

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