The $1.5 Billion Mega Millions Winner FINALLY Claimed Their Prize And Twitter Shared Some Solid Reactions

Mega Millions lottery jackpot

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The Mega Millions and Powerball jackpot is always the quickest way to retiring early, right? And, while the odds aren’t easily in your favor, people get lucky sometimes, instantly becoming filthy rich overnight for doing nothing more than buying a $2 lotto ticket.

But, for one lucky person, why settle for a couple million dollars when there was a record $1.5 billion jackpot that was up for grabs back in October? With the winning ticket being sold in South Carolina, the winner had not yet claimed the prize — until today. That’s right, guys, according to NBC News, the worry that someone accidentally tossed the winning ticket out or was too afraid to cash out is over, because the person has officially claimed the prize.

The lucky person has opted to remain anonymous and take a one-time Mega Millions payment of $877,784,124, according to a statement from the South Carolina Education Lottery Commission.

The $877 million payout is before taxes, which will be about 7 percent for the state and 24 percent for federal, according to a commission spokeswoman. The commission said it was the largest jackpot payout to a single winner in U.S. history.

Somewhere, someone just added a so much money to his or her bank account, with the gender of the winner not even being revealed as the person wants to remain anonymous — which is smart AF considering how rich they just became. And, for those who think playing the lottery is stupid, well, the winner of the biggest Mega Millions jackpot ever decided to buy the ticket as a spur-of-the-moment decision.

Per NBC News:

“We respect the winner’s decision to remain anonymous, and we will honor the winner’s wishes,” Brown said. The commission will not even reveal if the winner is a man or a woman.

The winner bought the Quick Pick ticket on a spur-of-the-moment decision, according to lottery officials.

The person even allowed a fellow customer to get in front of the line at the store to make a Mega Millions lottery ticket purchase, according to a commission statement. “A simple act of kindness led to an amazing outcome.”

This is unreal, but, hey, good on the winner for “being nice and letting someone get in front of them.” Yes, I’m being sarcastic about that last part, because, c’mon, that doesn’t mean they’re due for a billion-dollar jackpot. No, I’m not salty at all.

Of course, given the news about the Mega Millions winner finally coming forward to claim their prize, Twitter had some reactions. Take a look at some of the better ones below.

The Mega Millions winner just became one of the richest people in America, so I wonder what they’re going to do with all that loot. I’m guessing they’ve gone through the necessary steps to protect themselves from ever being revealed, but, hey, if there’s any clues out there, hit me up, I could use a small loan to pay off some debt.

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