Some Of The ‘Mighty Ducks’ Stars Reunited This Weekend And Hit The Ice At An Islanders Game

'mighty ducks' stars reunited this weekend at an islanders game


Several stars of the Mighty Ducks series of movies had a little reunion at a New York Islanders game this past weekend and they even hit the ice together.

“The quack attack is back, Jack! Glad to have a few Mighty Ducks join us for the game – and a few other fun projects – today on Long Island,” the real Anaheim Ducks announced on their Instagram account.

Rocking some sweet new Ducks hockey jerseys with their character’s names stiched on the back were Kenan Thompson, who played Russ Tyler in D2: The Mighty Ducks, as well as Garette Ratliff Henson (Guy Germaine), Colombe Jacobsen-Derstine (Julie “The Cat” Gaffney), Vincent LaRusso (Adam Banks) and Danny Tamberelli (Tommy Duncan) from the original 1992 film.

“What a sweet day!! Thanks to the @anaheimducks for a great day reliving my #mightyducks season with some old friends!” wrote Tamberelli, now 36, on Instagram.


I have to say, this is a much better Mighty Ducks story than the last one we read about Shaun Weiss (Goldberg) getting arrested (again) on petty theft charge and a probation violation.

This also got me to wondering about some of the other stars from the movies like Joshua Jackson, Marguerite Moreau, Jane Plank and others. Here’s a little of what I found.

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