Miles Teller Very Much Not Amused By Pat McAfee’s Joke On WWE Smackdown About Him Getting Jumped In Maui

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Over the weekend, Miles Teller was involved in an altercation in the restroom of a Maui, Hawaii restaurant, with the actor claiming that two strangers jumped him and punched him in the face for no apparent reason.

A source then told TMZ that one of the men who jumped Miles is married to a wedding planner who helped plan Teller’s wedding with his wife, Keleigh. The pair allegedly stiffed them out of $60,000 for services connected to the 2019 wedding, a claim that Keleigh vehemently denies.

Whatever the case may be, Pat McAfee had fun with the incident on national television over the weekend, take a shot at Teller’s expense to the WWE Smackdown crowd.

“Miles Teller got punched in the face in Maui this morning. I don’t think it was as hard as that shot.”

The actor was very much not amused with McAfee trivializing his altercation, tweeting a snarky response and closing with a condescending “bud.”

McAfee apologized?

This digital sparring session may create an awkward situation for Aaron Rodgers, who is a Teller vacation buddy and is frequently featured on The Pat McAfee Show. Who will win out? There can only be one.

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