Monday, December 18th Is The Day People Start Slacking At Work For Christmas, Says Believable Survey

by 10 months ago
Monday December 18th Starts Slacking Christmas


According to a survey of more than 2,000 people that we 100 percent believe, Monday, December 18th is the day people officially start slacking at work because of the upcoming Christmas holiday. So if you are responsible for making sure your employees or co-workers are productive this week, good luck!

That’s because, according to the results of a survey by HR analytics company Peakon, published on Monday by the Huffington Post, Monday, December 18th is the day that 57 percent of those employees surveyed admit they have pretty much checked out mentally at work.


So how are employees slacking off at work on this day? Quite a few ways, in fact.

1. 42 percent admitted to using time at work to shop online for Christmas gifts on this day.

2. 35 percent confess that they will be spending time planning Christmas day.

3. 30 percent say they will take some time out of their work day to plan their Christmas break.

4. 12 percent revealed that they’ll be taking a longer lunch break than usual.

5. 17 percent will duck out of work early.

6. 16 percent even admit that they’ll indulge in a little sip of liquor or two while at work.

7. While 4 percent will just flat-out call in sick, even though they are not.


As for why so many people have already started zoning out at work? There are numerous reasons.

1. 21 percent admit to being just “too excited” to focus on work.

2. 32 percent say it’s because they still have too much stuff to plan for Christmas day.

3. 32 percent also say that the reason for their lack of productivity is simply because business is slow.

4. 19 percent blame workplace events like the office Christmas party or Secret Santa.

5. 21 percent start slacking because they just feel “burned out.”



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