Man Is Accidentally Charged $99,983 For A Single Beer, Making It The Most Expensive Beer Ever Sold

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Can you recall the most you’ve ever spent on a single beer? I can’t. Partially because it was years ago at The Toronado in San Francisco but also because I’d been drinking all day before ordering that rare 2-liter Belgium beer that I still have a picture somewhere of me passed TF out and clutching the empty bottle on the train back to Santa Clara.

I remember it was A LOT but by ‘a lot’ I mean somewhere around $100-$200, not $100,000…And the bottle was big enough for me and a few friends to get several beers each. Also, while I don’t remember the specifics of that night I remember the beer was 100% worth it because it was incredible.

This dude in Manchester, England paid $99,983 for a single beer. The most expensive beer ever sold. Was it worth it? Absolutely not. It was only supposed to cost him £5.50 but they fucked up the charge, twice, and instead of stopping the charge before the bank processed it the money was taken from his account and it STILL hasn’t been returned.

He shared his story on Twitter about how he got hosed by this hotel in the UK and how the person who sold him the beer laughed in his face as he tried to figure out what the hell had happened. I guess the silver lining here is he’s now the guy who purchased the most expensive beer in history. But that doesn’t really soften the blow of having $100K removed from your account which included a $2k+ processing fee.

He’s since been refunded the fee but the other $97,000+ hasn’t been deposited back into his account yet. Here’s his story:

A Visa spokesperson gave this quote when asked why this charge wasn’t flagged:

“Visa does not make decisions to authorise payments. It is the responsibility of a cardholder’s bank who will make a decision based on a number of factors including the funds available.
“We will work with both the cardholder’s and merchant’s banks to help resolve this error.”

It is pretty astonishing that Visa would allow this charge to process. I have to think there are very few instances in the world where a credit card wouldn’t flag this without at least alerting the card’s owner beforehand.

If someone is regularly making 5 or 6-figure charges on their card then it might not get flagged but this doesn’t seem like the kind of person who is charging $200,000+ private jets on the regular or dropping $150K at 1Oak on the weekends. This is a cricket journalist from Australia who was traveling in the UK.

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