A Look Inside The Mark Hotel Penthouse In NYC, The Most Expensive Hotel Room In America ($75K/Night)

The Mark Hotel NYC

Shutterstock / Inspired By Maps

Having unimaginable sums of money in your bank account means you have access to luxuries that most people in the world cannot even begin to imagine. Luxuries like casino-owned private jets that will pick you up anywhere in the world on a moment’s notice if you want to come gamble at a casino. Luxury yachts measure 200+ feet with helicopter landing pads, jacuzzis, submarines, and basketball courts. And hotel rooms that cost more than the average American makes in ~1.5-years of work.

The average American salary is $51,939 which would buy you around 2/3rds of a night at the most expensive hotel room in America. The penthouse at The Mark Hotel in NYC goes for $75,000/night which makes it not only the most expensive hotel room in the United States but also the most expensive hotel room in all of North America.

This opulent penthouse features 5 bedrooms, two master suites, six bathrooms, expansive living and dining areas, and a private terrace that overlooks Central Park. Business Insider Video was able to bring a camera into the largest and most expensive hotel room in America to show us plebeians what life is like for billionaires who can afford to drop $75K/night on a hotel room:

Must. Be. Nice.

Actually, fuck this. If you’ve got enough money in your bank account to drop $75K/night on a penthouse suite then why the hell aren’t you just spending a few million to buy a condo that overlooks Central Park so you can at least own the property. What’s the point of dropping $75K/night when you could own a place? You’