Workers Blow Up Mountaintop To Build Airport 5,900-Feet Above Sea Level

by 1 year ago

Officials in Wushan County in southwest China wanted to build an airport in their area to increase tourism to the Goddess Peak and Little Three Gorges, breathtaking canyons that meet the Yangtze River. The problem is that Wushan County is very mountainous and doesn’t have any flatlands for an airport. So Wushan County made their own flatlands — on top of a mountain.

Engineers blew up the mountaintop to make way for a new airport. Workers flattened the mountaintop by using dynamite. Voilà! Blowing up the top of Taohua Mountain to make a level area has been difficult and it has taken six years for workers to build the single-runway that is 8,530 feet long and 147 feet wide. During the busiest construction period, there was as many as 2,000 builders and 800 machines working at the same time.

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