This Dream Job Will Pay You To Drink Around The World In 80 Days

get paid to drink gin


If you’ve ever waded through the likes of Monster and Indeed in search of a job, you’ve probably come across more than a few listings that make you wonder “Who the hell would do that for a living?”

I guess more people than I would have thought decided they really wanted to get into accounts receivable at some point in their life.

You have to be pretty lucky to stumble upon a dream job online, but we’ve always been here to try and help you out when companies are looking for people who want to get paid to eat BBQ or towns who are in dire need of ninjas.

Now, there’s a new dream job in town that might top any other one I’ve seen before.

According to Secret London, Mr. Fogg, a bar group in the city, is in search of someone willing and able to drink around the world for 80 days.

Jules Verne and Epcot have nothing on this.

Mr. Fogg is looking for someone they can count on to document the experience as they pay someone to travel to Tokyo, New York, Mumbai and beyond on the quest to find some undiscovered gins that they can add to their lineup.

One lucky applicant will be allowed to pick a friend to join them as they sample gins and smell botanicals over the course of almost three months.

The adventure will end in London, where the knowledge collected on the way will be used to craft a house cocktail at Mr. Fogg’s newest bar.

There are a few requirements, the most obvious of which is enjoying gin.

To contend, you have to be over 21 years old and able to commit to blogging and documenting the trip on social media (which most people already do while traveling in this day and age).

If you’re interested, you can apply on the group’s website.



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