Mustang Hits 150 MPH And Escapes State Troopers In High-Speed Police Chase


Attempting to outrun the police is a ballsy, regrettable, and often-times dangerous proposition. The large majority of drivers who are attempting to elude police by putting the pedal to the metal are arrested. However, for this Mustang driver, they were not about to be taken down by Johnny Law. The story, which is unintentionally a fantastic commercial for Ford, found a Mustang outrunning the cops in a high-speed police chase.

We take you to Colorado where a driver of an older model Ford Mustang was able to escape state troopers. On early Friday morning, the Colorado State Patrol were in hot pursuit of what was described as a “dark-colored, older-model Mustang” on Interstate 70 about 10 miles west of Glenwood Springs. The description is rather vague because police never really got a good look at the speeding vehicle or the license plate because the muscle car was zooming at 150 mph.

Police gave up the pursuit of the Stang because the chase was entering a part of the I-70 highway that has dangerous curves near the Colorado River area. Colorado State Patrol spokesperson Trooper Gary Cooper said the police officers stopped chasing the Mustang for their safety, the Mustang driver’s, and any other drivers on the highway. Cooper added that high-speed chases can turn deadly because there are more chances of brake failure from over-heating and tire blowouts. “It’s extremely reckless, especially with people who haven’t been trained to drive at those speeds,” Cooper said. “I’ve seen a deer total a car before.” But in the movies don’t the cops simply shoot-out the rear tire of the getaway car and then arrest the criminal?

This sounds a lot like the 1968 movie Bullitt starring Steve McQueen. Oddly enough, Ford recently unveiled the 2019 Mustang Bullit that was inspired by the classic car chase movie.