Guy Tests How Bullet Proof The Navy’s Deep Dive Helmet Is And If Flex Paste Can Stop A Bullet

The United States Navy’s deep dive helmet was built to withstand incredible amounts of pressure. The US Navy Mk V Helmet is the sort of iconic model that a lot of people think of when they imagine the Navy’s deep dive helmet. It’s the metal helmet you often see on a statue at gift shops in beach towns or in movies.

There are so many deep dive helmets out there I really cannot pinpoint which model this is. It looks similar to some models made by Kirby Morgan but the glass isn’t matching up. Regardless, this helmet’s built to withstand extreme pressure deep beneath the surface of the sea and Matt from Demolition Ranch wants to test just how strong the helmet’s glass really is.

He is going to test the helmet’s strength by firing a series of guns at the helmet from a .22 on up to the M1 Garand to see how strong the helmet really is. I’ve also included a second clip below where he tests whether or not Flex Paste is bulletproof and to what extent it’s capable of stopping bullets.

Here’s the deep dive helmet versus the weapons:


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The helmet never stood a chance against the more powerful weapons but I still think we should be impressed that it was able to stop a .22, right? I did expect more out of the helmet though. I’m not sure why, I just thought it had more stopping power.

Here is that second clip where Matt from Demolition Ranch and his guest Outlaw test whether or not Flex Paste is bulletproof. I’m sitting here marveling at how it’s someone’s job, a job at which they make A LOT of money, to sit around in the backyard and fire weapons at everyday household items.

They were so hopeful that Flex Paste would turn out to be a bulletproofing material. Alas, it is not.

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