NBC’s ‘Trainwreck’ New Year’s Eve Sees Chrissy Teigen Nearly Lose An Eye By Leslie Jones Plus ‘Vaginal Steaming’

For CNN’s live New Year’s Eve coverage, the cable network had drunk Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper struggling to down shots of tequila. For NBC’s live New Year’s Eve coverage, they had Chrissy Teigen nearly lose an eye after talking about her vagina and the TV network forget to air the ball dropping in what many are calling an absolute “trainwreck” of a broadcast.

Chrissy Teigen was a co-host of NBC’s New Year’s Eve coverage along with Leslie Jones and Carson Daly. The 33-year-old model discussed her “vaginal steaming” on during the New Year’s Eve TV special and NBC featured this image of Teigen’s treatment.

Some parents were not thrilled that a New Year’s Eve special on NBC promoted vaginal steaming.

Then at midnight, Teigen and Jones welcomed 2019 with a tender embrace and Leslie nearly gouging out Chrissy’s eye. The Saturday Night Live star accidentally poked Teigen in the head with just the tip of the umbrella.

Teigen assured everyone she was okay and was going back to Times Square to find her eyeball.

Leslie Jones apologized for assaulting Teigen with an umbrella.

The moment became a meme.

While NBC was busy watching Teigen nearly become a pirate, the network forgot to show the ball dropping in Times Square, which is pretty much the reason to watch one of these New Year’s Eve TV shows. There wasn’t even a countdown clock and viewers called the broadcast a “trainwreck” and a “dumpster fire” combined. Some would say that NBC dropped the ball.