YouTuber Mods A Nerf Blaster With A Gas Motor So It Rapid Fires

Nothing but respect for a great engineering mind here.

YouTuber Peter Sripol tinkered away in his shop on a one-of-a-kind Nerf Blaster, similar to the one pictured above. He managed to rig up a gas-powered four-stroke engine, giving it extra blasting capabilities for its Nerf darts.

The result is a piece of engineering wizardry. Kinda worries me how close the exhaust pipe is to his mouth (because, carbon monoxide), but the fact he got it to fire with that much extra umph is pretty damn impressive. It’s quite the build out.

Also, side note: Makes me miss the days of Nerf wars. Our sales guys had a couple blasters in our old office and it was always fun for a little post-lunch Nerf war before settling in for the afternoon.