New ‘Squid Game’ Fan Theory Emerges About The Colors Of The Uniforms (SPOILERS)

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It seems like everyone and their brother is talking about Squid Game right now. The hyperviolent Korean thriller is a viral sensation around the globe, with millions turning in to experience the hype.

On the tip of everyone’s tongue? Speculation about the meaning of key details in the Squid Game cinematic universe.

This leads us to another fascinating Squid Game fan theory that opens up a new dimension of “what ifs” to the Netflix show. Add it to a growing list of Squid Game fan theories as more and more finish the series and zero in on key details and hypotheticals.

Warning: Squid Game spoilers ahead. If you haven’t finished the show, I’d click out of this post now.

The Squid Game Cinematic Universe

Last night I was talking with a buddy about how we can see the show spinning in thousands of different directions in the future. Like many great pieces of IP, Squid Game seems to exist in its own cinematic universe. The Squid Game universe begs us, the viewer, to ask hard questions about key aspects of the show.

At the end of season 1, there are so many unanswered story arcs that can be explored in the future: Who are the workers in the red suits? Who are the creepy rich Illuminati in the glittery gold animal masks? Who is going to take over as the host of the game with Player #1 now dead – seemingly for real this time? What’s up with the now-deceased detective and his masked brother, one of the masterminds behind such a sinister place? What about the organ harvesting and the criminal network linked to the island? What is Gi-hun going to do next?

Netflix hasn’t confirmed plans for Squid Season 2 yet, the show’s creator and director Hwang Dong-hyuk doesn’t seem to have any concrete plans for Season 2. Dong-hyuk wrote all of Squid Game himself, telling Variety he works the best by himself, in isolation.

“I wanted to write a story that was an allegory or fable about modern capitalist society, something that depicts an extreme competition, somewhat like the extreme competition of life. But I wanted it to use the kind of characters we’ve all met in real life,”” Hwang said. “As a survival game it is entertainment and human drama. The games portrayed are extremely simple and easy to understand. That allows viewers to focus on the characters, rather than being distracted by trying to interpret the rules.”

“In my earlier days, I’d drink half a bottle of soju (Korean liquor) to get the creative juices flowing. I can’t do that anymore,” Hwang said. “Writing (‘Squid Game’) was harder than normal for me as it was a series, not a film. It took me six months to write and rewrite the first two episodes. Then I consulted verbally with friends, and picked up clues for improvements through my own pitching and from their responses.”

If it ain’t broke…  

A new Squid Game fan theory emerges

The internet is abuzz with speculation on a new Squid Game fan theory, this time about the colors of the players and workers’ uniforms.

Remember the guy in the first episode who presented two colors? It’s a choice ripped straight out of The Matrix, seemingly determining one’s destiny: A red or blue card.

This same character reappears in the final minutes of the series, recruiting new participants in the subway station as Gi-hun arrives at the airport.

This new Squid Game fan theory speculates that the colors the person picks when given this choice determines their role in the show: Blue means you’re a player, red means you’re a worker.

Blue = Blue uniforms

Red = Red uniforms.

Here’s a TikTok breaking it down:


it’s just my guess but i have checked, all the other players have also selected the color blue. #fypシ #viral #squidgame #squidgamenetflix

♬ She Knows – J. Cole

It almost seems like too obvious of a theory.

I think if and when we get Squid Game Season 2, it’s almost certainly going to focus on someone choosing a red card, presenting the game from the POV of a worker on the island. There are just so many questions about their origins: How are they involved? Are they brainwashed? Are they soldiers working for the creepy Illuminati guys or tied to some crooked element of law enforcement that keeps the game intact?

At one point, a distraught player unmasks a worker. When the worker’s face is revealed, there’s some commentary on how young the worker is, suggesting some sort of brainwashing. Or perhaps that they’re in a similar life position to the players where they’re deeply in debt to society in some way?

Also: What do the workers do when the games are not going on?

I think we will also get a better explanation for the shapes on the uniforms and what it means in regards to the symbology in the series. Circle, square, and triangle seem to indicate rank, which is never really explained by the series. Some speculate that the circle-mask workers are ranked the lowest, followed by the triangle-masks and then the squares at the top of the worker hierarchy.

So many Squid Game questions. Who knows if we’ll ever get the answers.

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