New Yorker Film Critic Gets Super Thirsty For Elastigirl In ‘Incredibles 2’ Review


A cluster of pixels has given the internet a weird, unnatural chubby–evidenced in Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster directing his desires toward a Elastigirl from The Incredibles franchise on Twitter the other day. But Smith-Schuster was far from the only one who was all hot and bothered by the matriarch hero of the children’s movie…


It’s one thing for Twitter eggs on the internet to talk about Elastigirl’s thiccness, but what are the rules actual film critics should abide by.  Anthony Lane of The New Yorker  flat out called it like he saw it. Gave a voice to the people. Ok, it was kinda weird…

Dad boners. Not something I thought would cross my mind today. Thanks Anthony.

[h/t Decider]

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