Nike Fans React After CEO Claims He Uses The SNKRS App To Buy Coveted Shoes

Nike CEO uses SNKRS app reactions

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  • Nike fans had some thoughts after the company’s CEO claimed he uses the SNKRS app to try to get his hands on its most coveted shoes
  • Plenty of people were skeptical that John Donahoe actually uses the platform to cop kicks based on his role at the apparel giant
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Earlier this year, Joe Hebert flew too close to the sun when the 19-year-old who made a fortune flipping sought-after sneakers agreed to sit down for an interview with Bloomberg Business, as he somehow failed to consider the possibility the outlet might discover he just so happened to be the son of the vice president and general manager for Nike North America.

Ann Hebert’s 25-year career at Nike came to an end when she resigned from her position after the revelation came to light. While her son maintained he never received any discounts or exclusive access to the rare shoes piled high inside the warehouse he ran, it’s safe to say Nike fans who’ve repeatedly been stonewalled while trying to secure a pair of kicks on the rage-inducing SNKRS app were fairly skeptical that was the case.

Plenty of Nike customers were equally dubious of a claim made by CEO John Donahoe that was shared by Sole Collector‘s Brendan Dunne on Thursday. The man who succeeded Mark Parker as the corporation’s head honcho would apparently like everyone to believe he waits in a virtual line with the rest of us Poors after revealing he’d successfully secured some of the swag Drake helped dream up for the NOCTA collab that dropped on Thursday.

If you’re doubtful Donahoe is the everyman the Nike CEO apparently wants us to think he is, you’re not alone.

Some customers who also scored pieces from the collection noted there didn’t seem to be a huge demand for NOCTA apparel compared to some of Nike’s uberhyped sneaker releases, so while there’s a chance Donahoe is telling the truth, it’s hard to believe he’s ever encountered a rejection a quick phone call couldn’t solve.