You’ll Be Inspired AF By This Teenager With No Arms Who Crushes A 20″ Box Jump Thanks To Motivation From Coaches

Teenager with no arms crushes 20" box jump at NubAbility Camp after motivation from his coaches


You may now be familiar with the NubAbility Camp, but it’s one of the coolest things I’ve found in recent days. That’s because, according to their website, it’s a non-profit that’s proud to host nationwide, limb different sport camps for youth athletes who are congenital, traumatic or medical amputees from around the world. In otherwise, it’s a place to inspire young people to prove to themselves that they’re capable of accomplishing anything.

One of the most recent examples in which the NubAbility Camp accomplished the above mission popped up on Twitter the other day, and it’s pretty F’in awesome. That’s because, in the video, a 15-year-old teenager named Tim — who was born without arms — was pushed by NubAbility founder Sam Kuhnert to stick with a goal of accomplishing a 20″ box jump, and the reward is at the end when Tim does it. Take a look below.

If you’re not inspired by that, check your pulse, because you may not be a living, breathing person. This might not inspire you to go out there and get to the gym yourself today, but it should serve as a reminder that you can do whatever the fuck you want to as long as you find something deep down in you and push yourself. It’s a good reminder that, despite any limitations, we can do some great things — and it’s why so many people on Twitter seemed impacted by the video.

Good for Tim, and good for the overall mission of the NubAbility Camp, because, without something like this in place, there would be a lot of kids out there who could feel weird being different and wouldn’t even attempt stuff that they’re capable of. Anyone else feel like they can go out and do some incredible shit today?

(H/T Total Pro Sports)