NYC Public Schools Ignite Internet Firestorm By Announcing Snow Days To Be Replaced By E-Learning

NYC Public Schools Announce Snow Days Will Be Replaced By E-Learning


The NYC Department of Education announced today that all public schools in the city will have their students do remote e-learning instead of having snow days next school year and people are BIG…MAD.

The nation’s largest school district going all-virtual instead of cancelling school for snow next year after seeing how the system operated during the pandemic.

“The DOE will shift all students to remote instruction in lieu of canceling schools due to severe weather conditions,” stated the NYC Department of Education.

Election Day will now also be a citywide remote learning day beginning in the fall of 2021, while Columbus Day has been removed from the school calendar and will be replaced with Indigenous Peoples’ Day on October 11 and Juneteenth will be added as a non-school day on June 20.

“Over the years, the DOE introduced additional holiday observances as part of the school calendar, and has contractual obligations which limit the number of possible school days,” reads the plan. “The pandemic has also created the ability to switch seamlessly to remote learning, and DOE central and schools have distributed hundreds of thousands of devices to ensure that learning can continue remotely during school closures. To ensure we are meeting the required 180 days in session we are adopting two practices from this past school year.”

With all of those changes, pretty much anyone and everyone found something that made them very…angry. Mostly, it was about the snow days though.

Parents nationwide are now biting their fingernails praying their inept school districts don’t get wind of this plan.

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