Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah: Recapping ‘Date Night’ On Episode Four Of ‘The Entourage Podcast’

Back in December, I told you about the launch of a new podcast called “Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah: The Entourage Podcast.” Hosted by JR Hickey, the premise is simple: Breakdown the show Entourage through the lens of modern times. It’s a celebration what was great and what didn’t age well with the HBO classic.

Since Episode 1 recapping the show’s pilot, “Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah” moved on to discuss Entourage episodes 1-4, including Vince’s appearance at Jimmy Kimmel and Episode 4: “Date Night” – The Entourage episode where the squad prepares for the opening night for Vince’s movie. It’s a doozy of an episode: Drama introduces everyone to his girlfriend flavor of the month. Vince hits up the morning radio show Big Boy’s Neighborhood to promote his flick. There’s wayyyyyy too much Britney Spears “Toxic.”

Episode 4 of Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah features frequent BroBible Style contributor Sarah Solomon.You can follow her on @sarahsolfails or her self-parody account, @urbanJAP. Pre-order her book Guac is Extra But So Am I: The Reluctant Adult’s Handbook on Amazon.

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