Man Creates 2-Story AT-AT In His Front Yard For Halloween But Isn’t A ‘Star Wars’ Fanatic

by 2 years ago
star wars at-at


Some people get in the Halloween mood by wearing impressive costumes to impress their friends. Some people get in the Halloween mood by decorating their house with jack-o-lanterns and giant fake spiderwebs. Then there’s this guy. He builds a 2-story-tall AT-AT in his front yard for Halloween. He had better hope that none of his neighbors are armed with harpoons and tow cables.

Nick Meyer constructed this huge AT-AT replica and set it on the front yard of his house in Parma, Ohio. “I just thought it would be neat to build a walker,” Meyer told Remember when you created something that was 2-stories-tall because you thought it would be “neat.”

Meyer started building the AT-AT replica way back in April and finally finished last week. He created the AT-AT out of wood, hard foam, and plastic barrels. The Empire’s coffers must be pretty low these days after battling the Rebels and pouring all of their money in a couple of Death Stars if they can’t afford metal for their Imperial walkers. He’s just missing some snow to instantly transport us to Hoth.

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