Olivia Wilde Is Changing Her Story About Shia LaBeouf’s Exit From ‘Don’t Worry Darling’

Olivia Wilde Changes Story About Shia LaBeouf's 'Don't Worry Darling' Exit

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After initial reports from a year ago had indicated that Shia LaBeouf had been fired from his role in Don’t Worry Darling, director Olivia Wilde recently reiterated that notion during an interview with Variety as she said her priority was to make actress Florence Pugh “feel safe and supported,” which implied the decision to let LaBeouf go was hers.

However, shortly after Variety published the interview, LaBeouf reached out to dispute her version of events and claim that he actually quit the film. The 36-year-old actor even provided text messages and emails to support his claim. Furthermore, a video that Wilde apparently sent to LaBeouf — in which she asks him to return to the film — also hit the internet in recent weeks.

Olivia Wilde on Shia LaBeouf’s exit from Don’t Worry Darling: “All I’ll say is he was replaced”

Now, as a result of LaBeouf’s dispute and a disastrous Don’t Worry Darling press tour, Wilde is changing her tune a bit and is now saying he was “replaced.”

“This issue is so much more nuanced than can be explained in private texts released out of context. All I’ll say is he was replaced, and there was no going forward with him. I wish him the best in his recovery,” the actress and director said in a recent interview with Vanity Fair.

In addition to all of the drama surrounding the cast of Don’t Worry Darling — video of Harry Styles apparently spitting at Chris Pine recently went viral, although Pine’s team has since denied that was the case while Styles himself made a joke about it during a recent concert — the film itself is suffering from middling reviews, as it currently has a 44% critic’s score on Rotten Tomatoes at the time of this writing.

Don’t Worry Darling, which stars Florence Pugh, Harry Styles, Chris Pine, Gemma Chan, and Nick Kroll, will hit theaters on Friday, September 23.

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