Oreo-Flavored M&M’s Are Here To Give You Diabetes

When it comes to brands that know how to diversify their products with fun flavors, Oreo is one of the best. They are not afraid to delve into interesting flavors such as PB&J, red velvet-flavored, jelly donut-flavored, and Peep-flavored Oreos just to name a few. M&M’s took a page out of Oreo’s playbook and introduced cookies and cream-flavored M&M’s.

We still have over a week left in August, but that doesn’t stop M&M’s from promoting their Halloween-themed flavor. Snack connoisseur Junk Banter, debuted this beautiful Oreos/M&M’s mashup that he said were purchased at Target. The flavor is called “Cookies & Screeem” for Halloween and this candy features a dark chocolate shell with white specks and a white chocolate filling. Junk Banter added that there will be “Triple Chocolate M&M’s coming this winter, which have milk, dark, & white.” Can’t wait. Got my insulin ready to go.