Panera Is Selling A Double Bread Bowl Stuffed With Mac And Cheese To Satisfy All Your Carb Desires

panera double bread bowl

Many people are all up in arms about plastic straws and wasteful packaging that leads to pollution. So why are we not wholeheartedly embracing bread bowls to reduce waste? If you eat the container that holds your food than there is zero waste. Panera has been ahead of the curve for some time now, offering bread bowls for years. But they just changed the bread bowl game by offering a new double bread bowl. Double your bread, double your fun!

Panera unveiled the double bread bowl, which kind of looks like a dog bowl. The limited edition mini-baguette can be filled with either soup or mac and cheese. available exclusively at—take a guess—the chain’s Philadelphia locations. This carbapalooza will be initially launched in Panera restaurants in Philadelphia from August 5th-31st. I’m not sure a double bread bowl oozing with piping hot broccoli and cheddar soup along with mac and cheese is the most refreshing meal in the sweltering heat of Philly in August.

Panera says the double bread bowl is meant to be shared, but I don’t want to share. I want all the bread and all the mac and cheese for my fat, gluttonous self.

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“The Double Bread Bowl is ideal for sharing with your BFF, significant other, or even a co-worker.” Do you sit side-by-side or do you sit across from each other, trading hungry glances and awkward satisfying smiles as you shovel mac and cheese into your face?

I don’t claim to know what “love” is, but I imagine love is inviting your ladyfriend to Panera where you share a double bread bowl filled with mac and cheese and you both meet in the middle à la Lady and the Tramp. And for the next two hours, you both confide in each other about how you ate too much cheesy bread and carbs as you try to sneak out dairy farts.


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