The Party Bros From Chad Goes Deep Went On Howard Stern To Talk About Giving Out Masks

Whaddup, stokers. Remember the party Bros, our pals Chad and JT from Chad Does Deep?

Last week they went mega-viral by heading to Huntington Beach, California to “solve the mask shortage.” They handed out free masks to those who needed them and, it turns out, plenty people did.

And plenty of people at Huntington Beach got very, very angry, even calling the on-going coronavirus pandemic “fake.”

Chad explains to Howard Stern:

“Originally we thought it was a shortage. I was surfing in Huntington Beach and I saw that no one was wearing a mask, so I thought it was a shortage – maybe the supply chain was boned up. But then we thought that people just thought they sucked.”

See, that’s the joke: There is no mask shortage. The people of Orange County, California are just being a tad bit selfish about trying to contain a viral pandemic that seems like its never going to end.

Here’s the original video:

And the chill, laidback vibes of Huntington Beach are right in the thick of it:

For the second time in their careers, our favorite Party Bros went on Howard Stern to discuss nearly getting in a fight with an anti-masker.

Howard tells them, “I did want to tell you guys face to face how proud I am of your activism. For you guys to be out there on the frontlines risking your lives trying to hand out free masks…. I can’t believe all those people turned down free masks”

JT puts it all in perspective:

“I get where people are coming from for not wanting to wear a mask. When I was in Little League, I didn’t want to wear a cup ever. Then our third baseman, Simon, got drilled where you wear a cup. And from that day forward, i was like “OK, well this is what the risk… you gotta wear a cup. So now i’m just super pro-cup.”

Wear a mask.

The boys reveal to Stern that they’re heading to San Clemente soon to assist in the mask shortage and have out more masks.

Here’s the Party Bros interview from Howard Stern, who says they deserve the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

I most definitely agree.



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