Patrick Stewart And ‘Silicon Valley’s Thomas Middleditch Are Having The Weirdest Instagram Feud Ever

Patrick Stewart Thomas Middleditch Instagram Feud

Thomas Middleditch, Instagram

In one of the oddest things we’ve seen on the internet in quite awhile Sir Patrick Stewart, of all people, is in an epic Instagram war with Thomas Middleditch, a.k.a. Richard Hendricks of Silicon Valley.

There has been literally no explanation as to why this highly entertaining Instagram feud is taking place, but it is and we’re all the better for it.

Apparently it all got started when Middleditch made this seemingly unprovoked post on his Instagram account back on August 22nd.

P-Stew thinks he’s all that? Well NOT ANYMORE. Line in the sand, DRAWN. @sirpatstew

No idea what triggered that attack, but a week ago Stewart finally replied…

Middlebitch @tombini : The ONLY line in the sand YOU’VE drawn is the one that dribbled down your leg as I chased you off my beach.

“Middlebitch.” Hahahaha… good one P-Stew.

From there it was off to the races for both parties with Stewart, crazily enough, being the stronger aggressor in my book.

Shots. Fired. SIR. @sirpatstew

Middlebitch @tombini –when you’re finished with the cars, do go round to the stables and look in on the horses. You know how Mistress loves her apples, Dagworth Maestro needs grooming, and Willie West has the shits, so be sure to give his undercarriage some extra care. I’ll take my tea at precisely two in the rose garden.

Middlebitch @tombini: Tommy, tonight’s pizza was your best yet. As I’ve shown you, it really is all in the hand-tossing. My guests were delighted by the “Pizza 🍕Party🎉”! The only grave misstep was your unkempt armhair. It was truly unsightly-@bryancranston was aghast and took ill. In the future, I require long sleeves during service, or you’re also welcome to see our aesthetician at my expense.

Never forget. @sirpatstew

Middlebitch @tombini-I find your scouring technique much improved as of late. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve seen the Carrara floors in the entry parlour shine brighter. But, I’m afraid your personal quarters are in dire need of a good and thorough cleansing. I passed by there en route to my wine cellars for a ’79 Margaux and couldn’t help but notice your room smelled distinctly of fart.

Of course I don’t mind helping round the house, guvna. Poor bugger, you’re almost on your way out now. Won’t be long, sir. Chin up. I’ll fetch you some tea. @sirpatstew #ialsoknowhowtophotoshop

Middlebitch @tombini–If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times: box hedges FIRST, and THEN the topiary. Additionally you’ve really let the geraniums outside the conservatory fall into a sorry state. Tommy, I’m growing weary of these reminders, as I feel that for the amount of time you have been on staff, you truly ought to be further along. Disappointed. Also, the dungarees are a bit much.

*mic drop*

Lower Middlebitch, lower.

Anything to help ease the pain, Sir Fatrick Poowart.

Sir Patrick Stewart vs. Thomas Middleditch: The feud this world deserves, and the one it needs right now.