People Who Eat Pizza With A Knife And Fork Finally Explain Why They’re So Different

person eating pizza with knife and fork why


We’ve all been there. Sitting at the table in a restaurant. Ready to chow down on some delicious pizza goodness. And then someone, either at your table or one nearby, grabs their napkin with the utensils in it and starts sawing away at their slice.

As we sit there with our jaws dropped there is only one thing that goes through our minds: “Why?”

Thankfully there is this thing called the internet, and on this internet there is another thing called Reddit.

There is also a part of this Reddit where people can ask the very large community questions that they have been pondering.

One of those questions to have recently been answered by dozens of people is: “People who eat pizza with knife and fork why?”

These were the top 10 answers…

Answer #10: “I don’t have a single freaking tooth left in my head. Just about anything I eat requires a sharp knife.”

“Had to scroll so far to see teeth come up…” another Redditor commented. “I have a false front tooth / partial. I eat pizza AND burgers with a knife and fork.”

Answer #9: “Mainly, it forces me to slow down and appreciate the pizza instead of just shoving it in.

“Also it makes eating pizza more of a sensory experience,” they continued. “I can feel and hear how crunchy or thick the crust is by cutting into it. I can tell how much sauce is on it by how much I have to spoon it up after cutting. I can also see how stringy the cheese is by having to twirl it around by fork.”

Answer #8: “You ever tried to lift a slab of deep dish to your face?”

“Yes. And no, it didn’t go well,” someone replied.

Answer #7: “I want it right now and if I bite into it when it’s too hot the cheese will slap itself onto my chin and I’ll scream.”

“Finally somebody said it. Sometimes the s**t’s too hot,” another person agreed.

Answer #6: “That’s the normal way of eating a traditional Italian pizza.”

“That’s true, in Italy they give you a whole pizza for yourself, they are much smaller and thinner,” another person replied. “Well when you get the pizza they don’t cut it for you, so you need a fork and knife to do it.”

Answer #5: “I like my hands to avoid getting sticky and fooded up if I can.”

“Same bro. Washing your hands after doesn’t always get that slick ‘greasy’ feeling out of your hands,” another Redditor agreed.

Answer #4: “Depends on the pizza, if it’s thick and unwieldy absolutely laden with toppings, I might reach for a fork. But if it’s a standard slice, I’m picking it up.”

“If it can’t hold up to the taco method, then it’s knife and fork. Or if it’s crazy greasy,” echoed another commenter.

Answer #3: “One must always distinguish themselves from the peasants.”

“I bet this guy eats a snickers bar with a knife and fork too, Costanza-style,” someone commented.

Answer #2: “Typically I’d do it because I’m working at my PC and don’t want to have to wipe my hands off every time I need to type something.”

“My life changed when I realized I could use chopsticks for eating dusty or greasy chips,” one person commented, dropping an A+ life hack.

Answer #1: “To slow me down.”

“Yeah this is why I use the smaller spoon or fork for meals, so it will take longer to eat,” echoed another Redditor. “Annoying fast eating habit I got from a job where I barely had any time to eat.”

Another response, however, had more to do with the temperature of the pizza.

“I do it for the opposite reason,” another commenter wrote. “It’s too hot for me to pick up at first, but that isn’t going to stop me from eating right away. It’s pizza. Once it cools off a little then I pick it up.

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