Someone Tried To ‘Expose’ How The McRib Is Made And The Internet Fought Back

McDonald's McRib and fries

Getty Image / Paul J. Richards / AFP

It has been a massive week for the McDonald’s McRib. The fast food giant seemed to float the idea of a ‘Farewell Tour’ for the McRib, announcing it would no longer be a permanent fixture on the menu beginning November 20th.

Diehard McRib fans were in shambles after the announcement. They took to social media to express their grief and air their grievances.

Those same downtrodden champions of the McRib would soon have a new outlet to divert their frustrations. An executive at NBCUniversal tweeted out a video trying to ‘expose’ who the McDonald’s McRib is made. They tweeted with the caption “Can this even be considered food? A McDonald’s worker decides to reveal how a McRib is made.”

Someone Tried To Expose How McRib Is Made And Got Mercilessly Trolled

They surely thought that tweet was going to be a banger but instead, they wound up getting dunked on by everyone with a smartphone. Why? Because nobody with a working brain actually expects the McDonald’s McRib to quality-made food. It’s FAST FOOD FFS. Here is the tweet:

This ‘Pop Culture and Lifestyle Expert’ has been following the textbook definition of ‘tweeting through it’ ever since that video went viral. They’ve been getting dunked on right and left. The video has now been viewed over 4.4 million times with and impressive 10.3K quote tweets (people trolling) versus just 1.5K retweets.

Here are some of the best replies

Everyone with a working brain knew this is how the McRib is made:

McDonald’s is actually pumping out farm-to-table food in this guy’s mind, apparently:

I’d estimate there’s a 0% chance this person has operated a grill in the past 20 years:

The cold, hard truth about fast food and the McRib:

Tweets like this are what happens when you put ‘Senior Executive’ in your bio:

Tony’s out here slinging facts:

I think everyone gets the point by now. There are thousands upon thousands of replies to this guy’s McRib tweet. Meanwhile, he’s just ‘tweeting through it’ and ignoring that he became the ‘main character’ for the day, the person that everyone is dunking on.