Pete Davidson Makes Hilarious Admission About Decision To Buy A Decommissioned Staten Island Ferry

Pete Davidson in front of Staten Island ferry

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In 2020, Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney made a fairly unexpected purchase when they teamed up to buy Wrexham A.F.C., the Welsh football club they acquired for around $3 million.

When you consider the two men reportedly spent more than half a million dollars to take the team to Las Vegas after they clinched a promotion to League Two, it’s safe to say what appeared to be a slightly risky investment has worked out pretty well for them so far.

However, it doesn’t seem like the same can be said about an impulse buy a couple of people best known for their time on Saturday Night Live seem to be regretting.

In 2022, we learned Pete Davidson and Colin Jost had teamed up to add a new asset to their portfolio in the form of a decommissioned Staten Island Ferry they purchased for  $280,000 at auction.

The decision to buy a 60-year-old watercraft unable to operate under its own power seemed like a bit of a bold move, and while its proud new owners said they’d teamed up with someone who’d pledged to help them renovate it and repurpose it as “a live entertainment event space,” there haven’t been any major updates on that particular front.

Well, we’ve now gotten some insight into why that may be the case courtesy of Davidson himself, who discussed the pet project during an interview with Entertainment Tonight earlier this week in connection with his role in Transformers: Rise of the Beasts.

If you’re familiar with Davidson’s affinity for marijuana, you may not be that shocked to hear he and Jost were under the influence when they decided to pull the trigger, saying:

“I have no idea what’s going on with that thing. Me and Colin were very stoned a year ago and bought a ferry. And we’re figuring it out.

Hopefully it turns into a Transformer so it gets the f*** out of there and I can stop paying for it.”

It doesn’t get much more on-brand than that.

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